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ANIMALS & PLACES - Present Simple Tense, Asking questions
BODY & NAMES - Verbs To Be and Have Got, Describing people
CLOTHES &COLOURS - Talking about preferences
FAMILY & FRIENDS - Possessive 's, Talking about your family
FOOD & DRINKS - Indefinite article, Requests, Can I have a, some or any + food
HEALTH & BODY - Present Continuous, Have Got, Talking about health
THE HOME & FURNITURE - Going-to Future, Home and furniture vocabulary
NUMBERS & SCHOOL - Classroom vocabulary, Imperative
DIRECTIONS & PLACES - Giving directions, Language of instructions
SPORTS & LEISURE - The Simple Past Tense, Talking about sports & hobbies
TIME - Past Progressive, Telling time
TRANSPORT & TOYS - Past Simple tense, Transport collocations
WEATHER - Simple Present tense, Talking about seasons and weather
THE WORLD AROUND US - There is/are, Talking about places
WORK - The Simple Present, Talking about routines, jobs